Ian toured with Les Bucherons in schools across Canada for over 15 years, facilitating cultural experiences for students.

In 1970, Ian was born in Lethbridge, Alberta and in 1995 He graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering but his passion for guitar and banjo playing took him to Nashville to study the country and bluegrass styles where he developed his “Foundation Music Coaching” program.

Recently Ian has gravitated towards the strategies and principles of accelerated learning. By fusing Canadian History and Canadian culture, he educates in a very dynamic way with song, dance and animation. His approach is one of high energy, intense and precise personal development and inspiration.

For the past ten years Ian has been specializing in Artist in residency programs where he has a unique ability to get students and staff alike to take part in an incredible team effort where the Social Dance is brought back to life through artistic performance.

His book The Cultural Wheel: Transforming your classroom through Cultural Restoration discusses the aspects of our society moving towards integration (well being) and disintegration (unhealthy).

In a time where isolation and addiction to hand held devices are trumping real experiences, Ian reminds your students of their role as compassionate, considerate, well-integrated members of their school and global communities